Coming to Triad Stage December 2013: Snow Queen

Snow Queen

by Preston Lane with original music by Laurelyn Dossett
inspired by THE SNOW QUEEN by Hans Christian Andersen

Drive the winter away. When a young boy disappears on a winter’s day in the heart of Appalachia, his best friend sets out to bring him home. So begins a journey through snow and ice, leaving the everyday world behind, as a magical winter time path leads deeper into a frozen kingdom. Inspired by the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, this world premiere adventure for audiences of all ages transports the story to the highest peaks of the Blue Ridge.

From the creators of BROTHER WOLF, BEAUTIFUL STAR, BLOODY BLACKBEARD and PROVIDENCE GAP, SNOW QUEEN weaves music, magic and make believe to celebrate the courage of a brave young girl.

This is where Americana and Appalachian music meet

I think Levon would approve. Besides, it’s time to warm things up around here. We put together a super hot band for these cold January nights next weekend, and the project features some of my favorite players. Take a look.

  • Scott Manring (legend) guitar, banjo, and all sorts of strings
  • Eric Robertson (Beaconwood, Boston Boys) mandolin
  • Jason Sypher (The Gathering, Susan McKeown) stand up bass
  • Eddie Walker (Big Bang Boom) percussion

Saturday, January 26, 8 pm

Mack and Mack, Greensboro, NC
Tickets and details HERE.

Sunday, January 27, 7 pm

High Rock Outfitters, Lexington, NC
Tickets and details HERE

When the 8th of May is come, We’ll Vote Against Amendment One

Laurelyn Dossett and Friends: Vote Against Amendment One VIDEO from Laurelyn Dossett on Vimeo.

Typically I avoid overt political statements in my music, but the upcoming vote to amend the North Carolina constitution has compelled me to speak out against Amendment One.

So I got together with 10 other Piedmont musicians, filmmaker Harvey Robinson of Monkeywhale, and a group of Triad leaders to record a song and make a video.

We hope it will raise awareness about the consequences of Amendment One and send people to the polls to vote against it. We hope it will inspire others to raise their voices. And we hope to hear the song sung from the Mountains to the Coast of North Carolina from now until May 8, 2012.

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Vimeo (higher definition)
Listen on Soundcloud (free download)

Feel free to share, post, tweet, blog, email, forward, or just stand on your front porch and sing it to the heavens.

“When the 8th of May is come, let’s vote against amendment one.”

On May 8, 2012, this is what North Carolina voters will see on the ballot:

[] For [X] Against
Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized by this State.

The arguments against this amendment are myriad, no matter how you feel about gay marriage. For more information I suggest:

I know we will not all agree.

As always, I thank you for listening and supporting live local music. Laurelyn