Laurelyn Dossett: On Songwriting

dotmatrix project: Anna Lee

Laurelyn Dossett: Anna Lee from Matt Williams on Vimeo.

Harvey’s Kitchen: Dogwoods

This is the first time Scooter even heard this brand new song.
Save the monkeywhale.

dotmatrix project: Leaving Eden

Laurelyn Dossett: Leaving Eden from Matt Williams on Vimeo.

Harvey’s Kitchen: I Know the Night

Ordinary Seasons

Midway Road Ordinary Seasons
[ti_audio media=”913″]
Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate
[ti_audio media=”909″]

Leaving Eden

Leaving Eden Polecat Creek
[ti_audio media=”915″]
Lyin’ Man
[ti_audio media=”911″]

Beautiful Star

Hush Child and Sleep Beautiful Star
[ti_audio media=”927″]
Be Not Afraid
[ti_audio media=”917″]

Brother Wolf

Wife of a Preacher brother-wolf
[ti_audio media=”919″]
Sweet Living Waters
[ti_audio media=”921″]

Bloody Blackbeard

Remember My Name Bloody Blackbeard
[ti_audio media=”923″]
Take or Be Taken
[ti_audio media=”925″]